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Cabecera de Noticias de psicología clínica y de la salud en otros medios generalistas

Cabecera de Noticias de psicología clínica y de la salud en otros medios

Esta sección se elabora con diferentes algoritmos de forma automática. Se han seleccionado noticias relevantes y recientes, relacionadas con el campo de estudio de la psicología clínica y de la salud. 

Los experimentos con medusas transgénicas revelan cómo estos frágiles animales se las arreglan sin cerebro.

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Ver la boca del profesor favorece el aprendizaje de la lectura en los niños con dificultades para la discriminación fonémica.

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group of individuals laugh during a Beck Institute Training

Rosanna Sposato, PsyD, specializes in CBT for a variety of disorders and presenting problems. She has led Beck Institute workshops geared toward mental health professionals as well as organizations. In her work with our Training for Organizations program this year, she has provided trainings focused on treating veterans, active-duty military, and their families for Cohen Veterans Network, Fort Hood, and the US Air Force.

Prior to providing trainings for BI, Dr. Sposato completed her postdoctoral internship studying under Dr. Aaron T. Beck at UPenn and stayed on as a staff member. She began working with the Beck Initiative and Dr. Gregory K. Brown, who runs the Penn Center for the Prevention of Suicide. This was her first experience working with suicidality in the military, and it prepared her well to provide these trainings.

What trainings are you providing to those who work with active-duty military, veterans, and their families, and what does your typical trainee look like?

The majority of my trainings have suicide prevention as the focus, but they also cover anxiety disorders, depression, and substance use issues. There have been a range of trainees, including graduate students; chaplains; Master’s and Doctoral level clinicians who treat active-duty military, veterans, [...]

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Si queremos comprender el papel que desempeña el conocimiento en la inteligencia humana, es necesario mirar más allá del cerebro individual y estudiar la comunidad.

Esta es la propuesta que realizan el neurocientífico Aron Barbey, profesor de psicología en la Universidad de Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Richard Patterson, profesor emérito de filosofía en la Universidad de Emory; y Steven Sloman, profesor de ciencias cognitivas, lingüísticas y psicológicas en la Universidad de Brown, en un rompedor artículo publicado en Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, según se informa en un comunicado.

Su punto de partida, que la cognición humana se extiende al mundo físico y al cerebro de los demás: es, en gran medida, una actividad de grupo, no individual, porque dependemos de los otros para razonar, juzgar y tomar decisiones.

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Perspectiva limitada

Añaden que los métodos neurocientíficos empleados en la actualidad, como la resonancia magnética funcional (que mide pequeños cambios en el flujo sanguíneo que ocurren con la actividad del cerebro), se diseñaron para rastrear la actividad en un cerebro individual.

Sin embargo, estos métodos tienen una capacidad limitada para capturar la dinámica que ocurre [...]

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BALA CYNWYD, PENNSYLVANIA – Dr. Aaron T. Beck, co-founder of Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, passed away peacefully in his home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, early in the morning on November 1st, 2021, at the age of 100.  

Widely known as the father of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based form of psychotherapy that has been demonstrated to be effective for an array of psychiatric problems, psychological disorders, and medical issues, Dr. Beck’s contribution to the field of mental health has been recognized across the globe. Since he developed CBT in the 1960s, the practice has become one of the most prevalent forms of psychotherapy practiced across geographic and cultural boundaries. It has been demonstrated to be effective in more than 2,000 studies.  

“My father was an amazing person who dedicated his life to helping others,” said Dr. Judith Beck, co-founder of Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. “When he and I started Beck Institute over 25 years ago, we continued my father’s vision of providing excellent CBT training to health and mental health professionals around the world. As a result, the lives of countless individuals and their families worldwide have improved. He has inspired students, clinicians, and researchers for several generations with his passion and his groundbreaking work.”   

The Drs. Beck co-founded Beck Institute in 1994. Dr. Beck’s wife, the Honorable Phyllis W. Beck, served as the board chair for 25 years.  

Throughout his career developing, researching, and teaching CBT, Dr. Beck [...]

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By Lisa Muchnick Pote, MSW, Beck Institute Executive Director

We lost a giant in the field of psychotherapy early this morning when Dr. Aaron T. Beck passed due to natural causes. He was 100 years old. 

I’m noticing that with his loss, I’m having a hard time describing the impact that the “Father of Cognitive Therapy” has had on the world. You can instead read about that here. But I am comforted by the condolences we’re receiving … in many ways, your words fill the gaps. 

Most people reading this have been influenced by Dr. Beck, either professionally or personally, or both. Not just by Cognitive Therapy, also known as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which he developed over 50 years ago, but by the man and mentor he was.  

Without a doubt, the world is a better place because he recognized the importance of asking, “What was going through your mind?” while in session with a patient who was experiencing negative emotion. This question led him to conceive the theoretical basis of CBT, the Cognitive Model; that one’s perception of situations is more closely tied to one’s reaction than the situation itself. The Cognitive Model also informs Dr. Beck’s [...]

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